Strap Up.

Introducing a men's line that offers unique, stylish, affordable shoes for every occasion--to fashionable men who are looking to add variety to their wardrobe that draws attention and makes a statement. With VELKS, you are never tied down.

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In Their Own Words

"I'm always looking for the next big thing. When you look good, you play good. VELKS combines fashion with confidence. Just what I'm looking for."

Patrick Fishburn, 2016 Utah Golf Association UGA Men's Player of the Year

"A new men’s shoe line offers style, simplicity and uniqueness, and two Utah brothers are behind it."

Megan Marsden Christensen, journalist KSL News

“Heath is becoming unto his own. He is becoming more aware of his fashion, and doesn't want things that are babyish. So for him to have found something like VELKS to express himself, that doesn't look orthopedic but helps him fit in, now that’s really important.” 

Kristen, mother of son with Dyspraxia

"You guys (or gals) rock!!! You delivered them to my door!! You didn't have to do that but THANK YOU!! I feel like a kid at Christmas!!"

Russell, happy customer

"Sam loved his first pair of VELKS right from the beginning. They quickly became his go to shoes. He loves that he can get them on and off by himself so easily. He also loves all the positive attention he gets when he wears them. He always gets a compliment, which makes his day."

Kari, happy mother